Pet policy at WellQuest of Elk Grove in Elk Grove, California

Pet Friendly Senior Living in Elk Grove, CA

Pets and people go together. Animals share our lives, love us unconditionally, and support emotional and physical health. Since residents live in a group setting reasonable policies help to ensure residents enjoy their pets, provide them with proper care and respect the rights of other residents to enjoy our community whether or not they enjoy animals.

All pets are subject to Administration approval and current policies. Generally, one cat, one dog (30 pound weight limit), two birds (in one cage) or one aquarium up to 20 gallons are allowed.

Cats and dogs are to be spayed or neutered and current on applicable shots and residents must be able to walk them, care for them and clean up after them. No exotic or undomesticated animals of any type are allowed.

If you’d like to bring a pet with you please be sure to request a copy of our full pet policy and details about the current pet fee and registration.

WellQuest of Elk Grove


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